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Present Weather Symbols

These symbols are just some of the 100 that meteorologists use to illustrate current weather phenomena in a given area.

Name Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol
Drizzle (not freezing) (light) Drizzle Snow shower (light) Light snow shower Fog Fog
Drizzle (freezing) Freezing drizzle Snow shower (moderate/heavy) Moderate/heavy snow shower Haze Haze
Rain (not freezing) (light) Rain Thunderstorm
(ended in the last hour)
Thunderstorm Smoke Smoke
Rain (freezing) Freezing rain Lightning (no thunder heard) Lighning Drifting snow (light/moderate) Drifting snow
Rain shower (light) Rain shower Thunder (no precipitation) Thunder Sleet Sleet
Moderate/heavy rain shower Moderate/heavy rain shower Funnel cloud/tornado Tornado Ice needles Ice needles
Rain shower (violent) Violent rain shower Squall Squall Dust storm or sand storm Dust/sand storm
Snow (light) Light snow Mist Mist Dust/sand whirls Hurricane