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Heraldry Symbols


Color Color Code (Hex) Meaning
Gold (or) xFFCC00 Generosity; elevation of the mind
Silver or white (argent) xFFFFFF Peace; sincerity
Red (gules) xFF0000 Warrior; martyr; military strength
Blue (azure) x0000FF Truth; loyalty
Green (vert) x009900 Hope; joy; loyalty in love
Black (sable) x000000 Constancy; grief
Purple (purpure) x330066 Royal majesty; sovereignty; justice
Orange (tawny, tenne) xCD5700 Worthy ambition
Maroon (sanguine, murray) x850505 Patient in battle; victorious


Name Image Meaning
Nebuly line Nebuly Clouds or air
Wavy line Wavy Sea or water
Engrailed line Engrailed Earth or land
Invected line Invected Earth or land
Indented line Indented Fire
Dancette line Dancette Water
Raguly line Raguly Difficulties
Embattled line Embattled Fortress walls


Name Image Meaning
Chief Chief Dominion; authority; wisdom; achievement in battle
Pale Pale Military strength; fortitude
Bend Bend Defense
Fess Fess Honor
Chevron Chevron Protection; faithful service
Cross Cross Christian; one who served in the Crusades
Saltire Saltire St. Andrew's cross; represents resolve
Pile Pile Construction; building
Canton Canton A flag added to the arms
Bordure Bordure Honor