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Process Flowchart Symbols

Here are some common, basic process flowchart symbols with brief descriptions:

Name Symbol Description
Process Process Any process, function, or action
Predefined process Predefined process A formally defined sub-process
Alternate process Alternate process An alternative to a normal process step
Delay Delay Indicates a waiting period
Preparation Preparation Preparation or set-up step
Manual operation Manual operation Non-automated step
Data (I/O) Data Data available for input/output
Document Document Any type of hard copy input or output
Multidocument Multidocument Multiple hard copy documents
Display Display Machine display (monitor)
Manual input Manual input Manually input into a system
Card Card Computer punched card (archaic)
Punched tape Punched tape Computer punched tape (archaic)
Branching/Flow Control
Flow line Flow line Direction of process flow
Transfer Transfer Transfer of materials
Terminator Terminator Start or stop point
Decision Decision A junction where a decision must be made
Connector Connector Represents the exit to, or entry from, another part of the same flowchart
Off-page connector Off-page connector Indicates flowchart continues on another page (may contain page number)
Merge (storage) Merge Merge multiple processes into one
Extract (measurement) Extract Extract (split) process(es)
Or Or Logical OR (process divergence)
Summing junction Summing junction Logical AND (process convergence)
Data Processing
Collate Collate Organize data into a standard format
Sort Sort Sorting data according to an established order
Stored data Stored data General data storage
Magnetic disk (database) Magnetic disk Database
Direct access storage Direct access storage Hard disk drive storage
Internal storage Internal storage Data stored in memory
Sequential access storage
(magnetic tape)
Sequential access storage Computer tape reel (archaic)