Back Coherent Derived Units Based on Coherent Derived Units with Special Names and Symbols

Coherent Derived Units Based on Coherent Derived Units with Special Names and Symbols

Below are examples of SI coherent derived units whose names and symbols include SI coherent derived units with special names and symbols:

Derived Quantity Name Symbol Expression in Terms of SI Base Units
dynamic viscosity pascal second Pa⋅s m-1⋅kg⋅s-1
moment of force newton meter N⋅m m2⋅kg⋅s-2
surface tension newton per meter N/m kg⋅s-2
angular velocity radian per second rad/s m⋅m-1⋅s-1 = s-1
angular acceleration radian per second squared rad/s2 m⋅m-1⋅s-2 = s-2
heat flux density, irradiance watt per square meter W/m2 kg⋅s-3
heat capacity, entropy joule per kelvin J/K m2⋅kg⋅s-2⋅K-1
specific heat capacity, specific entropy joule per kilogram kelvin J/(kg⋅K) m2⋅s-2⋅K-1
specific energy joule per kilogram J/kg m2⋅s-2
thermal conductivity watt per meter kelvin W/(m⋅K) m⋅kg⋅s-3⋅K-1
energy density joule per cubic meter J/m3 m-1⋅kg⋅s-2
electric field strength volt per meter V/m m⋅kg⋅s-3⋅A-1
electric charge density coulomb per cubic meter C/m3 m-3⋅s⋅A
electric flux density, electric displacement coulomb per square meter C/m2 m-2⋅s⋅A
permittivity farad per meter F/m m-3⋅kg-1⋅s4⋅A2
permeability henry per meter H/m m⋅kg⋅s-2⋅A-2
molar energy joule per mole J/mol m2⋅kg⋅s-2⋅mol-1
molar entropy, molar heat capacity joule per mole kelvin J/(mol⋅k) m2⋅kg⋅s-2⋅K-1⋅mol-1
exposure (x and γ rays) coulomb per kilogram C/kg kg-1⋅s⋅A
absorbed dose rate gray per second Gy/s m2⋅s-3
radiant intensity watt per steradian W/sr m4⋅m-2⋅kg⋅s-3 = m2⋅kg⋅s-3
radiance watt per square meter steradian W/(m2⋅sr) m2⋅m-2⋅kg⋅s-3 = kg⋅s-3
catalytic (activity) concentration katal per cubic meter kat/m3 m-3⋅s-1⋅mol