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Coherent Derived SI Units

Below are some examples of coherent derived SI units expressed in terms of base units:

Derived Quantity Symbol Name Symbol
area A square meter m2
volume V cubic meter m3
speed, velocity v meter per second m/s
acceleration a meter per second squared m/s2
density, mass density ρ kilogram per cubic meter kg/m3
surface density ρA kilogram per square meter kg/m2
specific volume v cubic meter per kilogram m3/kg
current density j ampere per square meter A/m2
magnetic field strength H ampere per meter A/m
concentration c mole per cubic meter mol/m3
mass concentration ρ, γ kilogram per cubic meter kg/m3
luminance Lv candela per square meter cd/m2
refractive index n 1 (dimensionless)
relative permeability μr 1 (dimensionless)