Symbols, Images, and Tables

These pages contain a (somewhat) random collection of HTML codes, images, and tables for quick reference. Hopefully, you will find these helpful. Everything is in the public domain (including the images I created), so feel free to use whatever you need.

Weather Science Math/Logic Communications/Electronics Units and Measurements Miscellaneous
Beaufort Wind Force Scale Periodic Table of the Elements Mathematical and Logical Symbols Frequency Classifications Base SI Units Planet Symbols
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale Greek Alphabet - Upper Case Basic Digital Logic Symbols International Morse Code Coherent Derived SI Units Phases of the Moon
Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale Greek Alphabet - Lower Case Advanced Digital Logic Symbols Q Codes Coherent Derived SI Units with Special Names and Symbols Signs of the Zodiac
Weather Symbols Roman Numerals Basic Laws of Boolean Algebra APCO 10 Codes Coherent Derived SI Units Based on Coherent Derived Units with Special Names and Symbols World Currencies
Cloud Cover Visible Light Spectrum Basic Mathematical Laws and Formulas Control Characters SI Prefixes Chess Pieces
Cloud Classifications Biological Taxonomy Geometry Formulas Electronic/Electrical Symbols Non-SI Units Card Suits
Wind Speed and Direction Indicators Process Flowchart Symbols Trigonometric Functions Resistor Color Codes Avoirdupois System (U.S.) Dice
Front Types Properties of the Planets (and Pluto) Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Number Systems Electrical Laws and Formulas Apothecaries' System (U.S.) Heraldry Symbols

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